What Services we offer to our clients


We source for the best concierges and apply our Midas touch on them to bring them to our esteem level of efficiency. At Yinkreal we have a readily available pool of concierges that are available on demand. Our concierges are thoroughly vetted and certified fit for optimum service delivery.



In a rapidly increasing dysfunctional society where the security of lives and properties cannot be overrated, at Yinkreal Services we have taken conscientious steps to protect our clients by providing highly qualified security personnel that work round the clock to give you a safe and secure environment either residential or business building.


Property Management

We provide an excellent property management services for all kinds of establishments. It is our responsibility to ensure your property functions optimally, So, we go extra lengths to oil the motor of functionality by being proactive and prompt to every need of your property. We coordinate the activities of various working organs on your property to achieve the common goal of efficiency at all times.

Head Porters / Porters

We provide porters on demand to our clients in any facility that requires the service of our porters, e.g railway stations, hotels, airport, apartment, and buildings, etc. Our porters are uber-efficient and go about their duties with respect, welcoming attitude and sense of service.

Handy Man / Maintainance

Wear and tear occur on a daily basis in and around your property and as such a handyman is needed to fix these needs. Our handymen are skilled in verse areas of need ranging from but not limited to maintenance, electrical works, installations, carpentry, plumbing, home improvement, inspect, diagnose, painting, etc. We provide handymen at short notice to ease your needs promptly.

Front of House

Front of house staffing is a critical area of need for your business or property as they are mostly the first line of customer engagement. They help to convey the customer service leaning of your organisation because they are the first to engage with your customers and they do so often. We at Yinkreal provide customer-centric front of house staff who wear their heart-deep smile on their faces at all times and are willing and able to help your customers.


For your business, you need the services of an efficient, professional and friendly receptionist who truly represents the public face of your business. The type of receptionists we provide at Yinkreal Services are consistently dependable.

Our receptionist teams have an astounding listening skill, they are very organized and have the relevant skills to carry out their job on a day to day basis.

Private Home/Office Cleaners

A clean environment is a serene environment. Serenity breeds a healthy sense of bliss and engenders a relaxed mindset. Our cleaners offer all these by skilfully and meticulously cleaning your premises/ property by applying advance cleaning methods that are relevant to your property or premises.

We give you premises the serenity it requires with our Midas cleaning touch. We have both private home cleaners and office.